Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sad but Proud....

I was forwarded a blog post written by John Sowers yesterday.  I looked in my mailbox and had 4 emails from different people wanting to make sure I saw it.  It was a post about my dad and his impact in John's life.  John grew up without a father and somewhere in college John and dad hooked up.   John tells of dad's influence in his life and the gaps he filled as a fatherless young man growing up.

Here's the post if you want to read it...Profile of a Mentor: Bill Smith

As I read John's post, I thought of the times I had taken dad for granted, chosen to be relationally separated, and what a hard road it was to  repair years of broken relationship.  In the end, I think we did.  The bible that my dad went through and wrote notes for me one year, is my prize possession in this life.   I'm glad and proud to know that there were other guys my age that were being influenced by dad.  I hope I can have the same effect if God brings men through my life.

I highly recommend John's book Fatherless Generation.  I bought it on my new E-Reader and couldn't put it down last night or this morning.  He's a great writer and tells a story that every believer needs to be aware of...fatherless children in America.  John is running an organization in Portland, OR called The Mentoring Project.  It was started by famed author/speaker Donald Miller of Blue Like Jazz fame.  Don picked John to run it and they are now friends and co-laborers in the ministry for fatherless kids.  Check it out, pray for them, support them.

Most of us have families, a lot of us have kids.  With that we think a lot about the legacy we will leave for them since they 'belong' to us.  Dad made it a point to leave a legacy in those who didn't belong to anyone but God.  He helped them see they did have a Father, his name was Healer.  One of them is John Sowers....and dad would be proud of him!  John is part of a spiritual legacy.

I am sad that dad is not still around...but so proud of him!

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  1. I'm especially touched by this. Am writing a blog series ( on success vs significance. For awhile your dad was not successful with you. But significance won out. Can I excerpt this in my next post? Am just now digging in to the hard writing part of Generational Fathering. Might get back to you. Meantime, subscribing.