Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mature Faith...Do I really want to pray for that?

"Mature faith cannot grow when we are surfeited with all kinds of spiritual comforts and consolations.  All these must be removed if we are to advance in the pure trust of God.  The Lord withdraws all tangible supports to purify our hearts, to discern if we are in love with the gifts of the Giver or the Giver of the gifts. (underline mine)

The question is, do I worship God or do I worship my experience of God?  Do I worship God or do I worship my idea of Him?"
                                                                           Brennan Manning

I'm becoming more and more uncomfortable with the fact that when I want to grow in faith, and that becomes my prayer, God may answer it by taking away the things I'm comfortable with.  If I want a better prayer life, God may take me to my knees where He is the only One I can turn to.  If I want to grow in Simplicity, I should be ready for my possessions to be tested.  The question of whether I value my experiences with God more than just God himself is a good one....it should keep my focus on the person of Jesus rather than the "life results" from following Him.  Whether desert or mountain top, rich or poor, sickness or health, energized or tired.....still my love is for Jesus and not dependent on my circumstances...at least that's my target!


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