Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Does It Take To Be Happy?

Watched a Francis Chan talk here:( )  It's his message on 5/31/09...scroll down to watch it.  This a must see...

It's a good question for us to ask of ourselves.  Paul, as he was in prison, wrote about his contentment in Phil. 4.  Big question from talk....."are you content wherever you are, whatever you have?"  I can't always say yes....circumstances seem to blow us like the wind back and forth.  Finding Paul's secret to being content with whatever life dishes out is a real maturity I hope to develop and find.

Great quote from the message above: "Life a life that demands an explanation!"

Can people look as you and explain why you're happy and content?  or why your unhappy?  What if our life circumstances didn't explain why we were so happy and content, but it was our relationship and stability with Jesus?   I want that!

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