Friday, March 18, 2011

Rob Bell - Love Wins (Step 1)

I've always loved Rob Bell's teachings....have used his NOOMA videos for  illustrations or small groups.  He had an "angle" in looking at scripture that lead to the same place but approached it culturally or realistically for me.

I watched the video of his interview last night explaining his new book LOVE WINS.  I was bothered by the dangling questions that were left unanswered by Rob.  The first thing I want to make sure of is that I'm not, myself, relying on tradition for my answers, but relying on scripture for them.  For that reason, I'm looking forward to reading the book and weighing it against the theology I can read in the Bible itself.  Whether I agree with Rob or not in the end, I will go thru a very healthy process that will make my own personal theology stronger.

I want to think the best of Rob and his teaching, but I will admit that I was left "bothered" by the, downloaded the book on my NookColor, going on a trip with the family next week and will read it for myself.....Step 2 to come....

Video link is above, watch it for yourself.

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