Friday, March 11, 2011

Signed, Jesus.....

Just finished The Signature of Jesus by Brennan Manning.  Still trying to catch my breath after drinking so much at one time!  We always say the last book we read is one of the best and "in our top 10", but this time I think it's true.  This guy, even in his writing, transfers the peace of God to his reader.  It is calming yet troubling...his truth is like a bright light in your eyes.

Closing paragraph of the book:
As a radical alternative this book is offered to Christians who want to live by faith and not by mere "religion," for those who recognize that many of the burning theological issues in the church today are neither burning nor theological; who see Christianity neither as a moral code or a belief system but as a love affair; who have not forgotten that they are followers of a crucified Christ; who know that following him means living dangerously; who want to live the gospel without compromise; who have no greater desire than to have his signature written on the pages of their lives.

I started thinking about my life as a letter...and better, who is writing the letter.  When my life is done, who has the "right" to sign it?  Will it be me or will it be Jesus?  Or maybe we just struggled over who gets to hold the pen the whole time?

I want to live a letter-life that Jesus would be proud to sign...

(btw, if you're reading this need to get The Signature of Jesus!)

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