Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The opposite of what you think....

Listened to a talk given by Ney Bailey of Campus Crusade.  I had never heard of her or read any of her books, but my friend Terry gave me this CD several months ago.  I had shoved it in the console of my car and forgot about it.  It showed up just when I needed it, as always.  Two days ago it appeared and I popped it in the CD player.  All I can say is WOW....

She's one of my new "super-speakers".  I'll be going back to her page and talks regularly now.

Ney's talk that I listened to is on "Bringing God into the Negative".  She helps us understand how to bring God close so that healing can happen in hard times and our perspective can become clearer.  Trials can seem like they are bringing life to a screeching halt....or crash.  When something bad happens, we always want to react to our feelings (with our feelings) when something happens to us, but Ney gracefully shows us how to react more like Christ when we face a trial in life.  As always, it's about DOING these things, not just believing they are true.  These are truths I will always remember now when facing some desert to walk thru.

The article title above has a link so you can read a brief writing on this subject.  If you'd like the "talk" on me and I'll get it to you.  It will bless you tremendously!


  1. I am searching for the audio version of this beautiful life changing speech. I originally had the cassette tape version a million years ago! We passed it around to many friends. Is there a place to listen to the audio version rather than the PDF version?

  2. Here's the link to the should be able to download it from there!