Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Patience can be painful...

Reading thru 1 & 2 Samuel on my journey thru the bible this year.  David's maintaining of his perspective in the midst of the sin committed against him is baffling to me.  As Saul became more and more psychotic, making obvious "crazy" decisions, David still waited on God to decide on Saul's fate.  He maintained to everyone around him that Saul was "God's annointed."

I so often, when I "know" what's right, have a hard time waiting on God's plan instead of working mine.  It's especially hard when enemies are are at your doorstep, as David talked about in many Psalms.  But it comes down to whether you really trust God or not, or whether you have to have "your say" in what happens.  It's when the "Saul's of life are in the cave, right in front of you" when your integrity will show thru or not.  Will you take them out, or wait on God's timing?  When you have the power to make your will/desire happen, but yield to God's will patiently, where your belief system becomes  life.

Waiting on God is hard.  Patience is painful, but I have faith that it builds character...

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