Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lessons from Donald Miller's Storyline - #1...

Spent 2 days with my oldest son, Carson, in Portland, OR.  We went to Donald Miller's Storyline Conference.....this was like drinking from a firehose!  I unpack a couple of points I was journaling on this morning.  There will be more to come from this series of thoughts:

1. We WILL all write a story.  There is no way to NOT write a story with your life.  The narrative of your life can be written by you and God together (Shared Agency), or you can let the world/circumstances write your story.  Do you want to let external influences/idols write your epitaph or do you want to be in control of writing that under the guidance of God?  Just remember, there is no "non-decision" here...everyone writes a story whether they want to or not....what will yours be?

2. To write a good story, there has to be 1. a character that wants something, 2. they have to overcome some trial or feat to get that thing, 3. Conflict in getting it, 4. Resolution.   Good stories have conflict in them....trials....hard things to overcome, otherwise they are not good stories.  If you want a good life-story, what you go for should include having to overcome a larger feat.....God can help with this....He brings resolution.

3. To write a good story you can't "watch the parade".  I always like going to parades and watching them go by.  Problem is, in life, parade-watchers are not the ones writing good have to "be in the parade" to write a good story.  There are no parade watchers among those changing peoples lives, saving the world, making a difference.....all of these people are IN THE PARADE.

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