Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Visit to Dry Bones....

My oldest son, Carson, has been wanting to work with the homeless in Denver in some way.  He also wants to explore avenues to lead his friends to working with them.  So we started a journey of meetings to investigate different homeless ministries and initiatives in the downtown Denver area.

Last week we met with Robbie, the Spiritual Director of Dry Bones.  I was so taken back from the first impression of this ministry that my heart start pounding.  They have "relationship" as their core value.  Dry Bones doesn't have an office, they have an apartment, down behind Coors Field (which is also why I like it).  They chose an apartment to office out of so that they had a place to offer showers and washing machines to wash clothes, hang out and eat/talk.  There is a large kitchen area with a big table where they can have meals with their "friends" as they call the people they serve.  This offers somewhat of a taste of homelife and a place to get off the streets for a bit.  This is all great stuff...then when you find out that they serve homeless teens, it really tugs at your heart!

Dry Bones on average has relationships with over 200 homeless teens and youth living on the streets of Denver daily.  Their ages range from 12-28.  These are kids sleeping on the streets and living their whole lives, not striving for their dreams, but just surviving.  Some know Christ, some don't....all need to be loved on!

Carson and I both were moved by the vision and processes that Dry Bones have in place.  I encourage you to visit the website link below and just read some of the stories.  We are both excited to be joining them for a street dinner this next Thursday night to get a feel for the ministry.  We signed up for their 101 class so that we can be cleared to do hands-on ministry with them on the streets of Denver.  I'm looking foward to getting my hands a little dirtier in the gospel story!

visit here:

From their website:
Imagine entering a valley where dead things come to life. Bones without flesh suddenly rise up from the earth and receive breath, muscle, and skin. Death becomes life and life walks out forever changed. (Sounds a bit strange, but check out Ezekiel 37.)

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  1. This is so awesome! When I come to visit you guys I want to do something to help! I'm really glad that you two are doing this together. Sounds like a really rewarding father/son mission.