Friday, January 7, 2011

Square Dancing Today!

Well, today I get to go square dancing at Jia's school!  Jia has been working on dances all week in preparation for today.  I told her that I would do my best but didn't know how to do the dances....she said that she would help me.

I am Jia's dad....her life leader.  But today she will teach me, lead me and show me the way to do things, because she has been working on her talent in dancing and knows all the moves.  Sometimes, as "the leader" we need to be willing to follow those that we lead.  Not only can we learn something from others but it helps them become leaders.  It's a practice in our humility but also a building block in their development as leaders.  Jia took great pride in the fact that she new something that I didn't (which I'm trying not to take personally:).  It builds her confidence and shows her that she has value as a leader.

To continue Grant's blog on leadership....we sometimes think we know more than we do and that somehow our 'title' in the church gives us knowledge that we don't really have.  Being humble and slow to speak gives us the opportunity to learn what God is showing others in their lives and to develop others in their leadership....our primary purpose to begin with (building disciples/leaders in ministry).

On to the square-dance!  I hope I don't trip....

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