Thursday, January 6, 2011

Walking Worthy of your Calling.....(from Grant)

Really liked this list of "traits" of a leader that lives worthy of their calling (Ephesians 4:1-6).  You can see the full blog at

1. humility – self-explanatory, not self-serving, not false humility
2. gentleness – the lack of an edge with people. There is no way to get around the stumbling block of Jesus. Just let that block be Jesus, not my personality.
3. patience – Am I as long suffering with others as I pray God to be with me?
4. accepting with love – everybody has baggage. love them anyway, in spite of their junk.
5. diligent about unity of Body – diligence not about status quo but unity and….
6. Unity is based on Christ – not on traditions, programs, my ego, etc.
7. lives with knowledge that God is in all, around all – non-compartmentalized

Number 2 is especially good for me right now....presenting the hard teachings of Jesus without inserting your own emotion can be hard, but it lets Jesus be the one to challenge.  I will be keeping this one in mind as our Life Group begins it's journey through the book RADICAL this Sunday night.

Thanks Grant!


  1. I led Radical for the first time with a group on Monday and #2 is very important. The guys wanted to embrace Jesus' hard teaching, but also pushed back on it a bit too (as we've all been programmed to do). Would have been easy to interject with an edge instead of gently prompting what Jesus said and how that lines up with their cultural value. And it only gets harder as we continue on the journey...

  2. What would be an interesting/convicting conversation is what do I elevate as "maturity" that is NOT on the list?

    Stuff like biblical knowledge, education, experience, moral much of what I think is maturity in Christ, really isn't?

  3. I'll add the first one:

    * Title (ie. senior pastor, worship pastor, etc...)